Sydney Event 1: Defining Your Voice

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Sydney's first event as part of the Defining Your Voice series held across the country sought to equip our members with the skills to be confident public speakers, and help them in achieving their goals in their personal and professional lives. Featuring noted panelists from Sydney's Startup scene, Lily Wu and Vaibhav Namburi, the event had over 25 attendees from different industries and experience levels. Ending in a series of speeches by members chosen as strongest among their group, the interactive workshop allowed everyone to develop their skills in a safe environment.

The key takeaway from the event was to adapt your message to the situation.

If this sounds like an event you would have benefited from, come along to our future events!

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Sydney kicked off our 2018 events calendar with our Defining Your Voice series held across Australia. Featuring Lily Wu of Austern International and Vaibhav Namburi of Five2One, the event tried to give our audience the tools to be confident public speakers, with a workshop allowing them to practice what they'd learnt among their peers.

The event also launched our theme for the year, start with a whisper, end with a roar.

Some of the key takeaways from both speakers are below:

Lily Wu

  • It's all about how you position a situation - the $40 bond she got as a downpayment on the shoes was actually (partially) also due to a lack of cash - i.e. a WC loan from her customers
  • It’s all about your network – 100 direct contacts = 200,000 indirect contacts
  • Defining moment for ‘finding her voice’ – realising that entrepreneurship gave her an avenue to explore her talent/passion
  • People care about your why – mould your situation according to the target audience

Vaibhav Namburi

  • Be resilient – he failed IELTS 9 times but didn’t give up
  • Job ads means the company is desperate to find people
    • Reach out to your network first to find opportunities
  • Cold-messaging (through LinkedIn) is effective
    • Shows confidence and the drive to ‘fake it till you make it’
  • The majority of (73%) people posting about entrepreneurship are actually ‘wantrepreneuers’ – the ones actually working just work without telling everyone about it
    • Nothing wrong with not working at a job – you’ll eventually be friends with the bosses of those who are
  • You can sell all you want, but no one will buy it if you don’t know what you’re selling
    • Say what your audience wants to hear
      • Know/research your audience

Key takeaway

Adapt your message depending on the situation

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