Auckland Event 1: Your Career Journey with Sarv Girn

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On Friday 4th May, YSPN Auckland held ‘Your Career Journey’, the first keynote event for 2018. The event featured Sarv Girn, arguably the highest ranking Sikh in corporate Australia and New Zealand, with the title of CIO of The Reserve Bank of Australia as one of his most recent accolades.

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    The 2018 inaugural event, hosted by the Young Sikh Professionals Network (YSPN) was opened by Sarv Girn, the CIO of The Reserve Bank of Australia. Girn has a career spanning of over 25 years within the global banking industry and is one of the highest ranking Sikhs in Corporate Australia. Sarv Girn is a banker, visionary and a truly transformative individual with firm cultural grounding as a Sikh. The ambience in the room was one of respect and awe as a person of such calibre walked to the podium with such grace and humility, resonating with the concept of ‘nimrata’ as we all hear in the Gurbani. Mr. Girn’s addressed the YSPN network with grace and humility; his interactive keynotes inspired the urge to encourage change, challenge ourselves and accelerate growth within our professional lives.

    Sarv opened his keynote by sharing with us the most significant and impactful events of his career journey with lessons learned thus far and stressed upon the idea that “education does not finish upon the completion of a degree”. Girn highlighted the importance of planning versus being spontaneous or in the moment and this resonated with most of the audience as millennials confirmed, through a show of hands, believing in ‘just do it.’

    Education doesn't finish upon the completion of a degree

    The importance of branding yourself as an individual while, detaching yourself from a comfort zone and the importance of networking were all topics that were portrayed along with examples from his own life. Girn shared with us his regret of not pursuing law because of his fear of not being able to succeed in the industry due to his cultural background.

    Girn’s life is one filled with success, failures, and opportunities. He believes that the key ingredients to having a fulfilling career are all about finding the right mentor, wise networking, practical experience and development planning. This information, to a younger audience, who at this stage were internalizing their progress, proved to be invaluable. However, as a room filled with young professionals, the consensus and conversations from the post networking event have been that this event has been the catalyst for taking ownership in their career/educational journeys for the rest of the year. The evening concluded with a question and answer session where a standard line from many was that ‘I am glad I am not in this alone’ which resonates to the modus operandi of YSPN: creating the environment where young Sikhs can succeed and amplify their influence.

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