YSPN Sydney Presents: Transforming Your Harshest Critic

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YSPN hosted Benaifer Bhadha on 26th August 2019, who explored how we can use and harness our inner critic to develop oneself and be a more effective leader.

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YSPN hosted Benaifer Bhadha, a clinical psychotherapist, workshop facilitator and performance artist from New York, on Monday 26 August 2019 for an interactive workshop about techniques to transform your inner critic into your inner champion. Bhadha delved into the concept of Internal Family Systems to describe how an individual’s inner critic is usually developed during childhood as a means to protect them from shame or failure. Attendees were asked to reflect on what their inner critic says to them today and to transform this by being more conscious of why and when it shows up.  

The workshop also entailed lessons on the power of listening and how it is one of the most overlooked skills in leadership today. Attendees learned that listening without judgement and without imposing solutions upon others is essential to create meaningful connections in their personal and professional lives. 

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