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Who is YSPN?

We're a global Professional Development & Networking platform

We want to create a generation of value driven leaders, managers and professionals

YSPN is a non-profit organisation that focuses on promoting Sikhism's values in the modern working world. We believe in equality, selflessness, courage, social justice, and servant leadership. We work hard to bring these values to different organisations and communities and facilitate social change. We are committed to our mission and passionate about driving positive change in the world. Join us in our journey to create a more equitable and just world.

We're here to serve you

We want to see more of our community succeed and positively shape the organisations they work in and the communities they live in. Through our services, we aim to provide the below benefits to you.


Build leadership capabilities


Build contemporary professional skills


Develop meaningful connections


Access leaders from within the community


Find support of like-minded individuals


Gain a competitive advantage in and out of work

Meet our Leadership Team 

We're a team of 45+ passionate individuals from across 5 countries, who all volunteer our time to seeing our community grow. If you would like to join, click here or feel free to message any of the below to get an insight on what life in YSPN is like. 

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