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How we can help you excel!

Professional Development & Networking 

At YSPN, we focus on empowering young Sikh professionals to become values-driven leaders in their respective fields. We provide face-to-face and online professional development as well as networking events for our members to build the skills they need to succeed. Our community is strong and supportive of each other, as we recognize the importance of collaboration to create change.

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YSPN Mentoring Program 

The YSPN Mentoring Program is a special opportunity for juniors and intermediates who are looking to overcome specific obstacles that are holding them back in their careers. This program is designed to provide a safe environment where participants can share their concerns and receive guidance from experienced mentors. Our 3 month program offers both group mentoring and coaching, making it a well-rounded learning experience. All sessions are conveniently held online, making it easy for you to join from wherever you are.

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The YSPN Project Podcast

Join us at the YSPN Project: Listen, Learn and Lead where we feature interviews with successful Sikhs all over the globe. We bring you career and management insights that inspire as much as they educate. More importantly, we discover how these individuals leveraged their Indian values and Sikhi to attain their goals. Be a part of our mission to encourage Sikh leadership and learn from role models who lead with authenticity and purpose.

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