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Mentoring Program

YSPN Mentoring Program

Build your Professional Skills with an Experienced Mentor and Supportive Peer Group

Why should you join?

YSPN offers a unique opportunity for young professionals to accelerate their careers and learn from experts in their field. With a proven system and framework for success over three months, you can expect to grow professionally and personally while connecting with peers who share your ambition and drive.

Experienced Mentors

You'll be grouped with an experienced mentoring who's already achieved the results you want and have overcome the hurdle you might be facing. 

Achieve your Goals

The program has been designed to achieve results! All sessions have been created so that you get a result that you can apply immediately the next day in your work. 


Best of all, it's completely virtual. With mentors from across the world, we find you be best fit that isn't limited to your geography. 

Proven Stats


mentees reached from 7 countries


improvement in skill competency 

$1.5 million

in financial value created

4.75 / 5

average program rating over last 3 years 

Mentoring Topics



At certain points in our career journey, we all ask the question “what next?” However, the pathway to a successful career is not always clearly defined, because everyone’s journey is different. There are some key elements to navigating your career journey and our mentors have successfully navigated their own unique career paths and through the insights they have gained along the way, they will be able to help you move forward on your own career journey with confidence.



  • Mapping your career from now to where you want to be

  • Creating an action plan

  • Developing your networking skills

  • Developing your personal brand and visibility


What our Mentee's say

“I would highly recommend this program, but the key is – the more you put in, the more you will get out of it. The mentors are generous with their time and are knowledgeable about their areas of expertise, they will go the extra mile and put themselves in your shoes. The mentee cohort will also add great value to your journey.”

Kanav Batra


Who can apply for this program?

Anyone can apply! We want motivated individuals who are serious about developing their skills and learning from others. ​ Please view the topics above to see whether these are areas that interest you and you would like to obtain mentoring for.

Is this only for people in Australia?

Whilst the program is completely online and you can be sitting in the comfort from your own home to do the sessions, we would prefer if people within the Oceania region apply, ie. Australia, New Zealand and Asia. This is due to managing the time differences and due to our Mentors who are only based in these regions.

Is this program only for Sikhs?

No. This program is open for anyone and everyone.​ Whilst this program is being run by the Young Sikh Professionals Network, there are no biases or discriminations towards mentors or mentees from any faith or background.​

Is it value for money?

Typically a 3 month mentoring program with the calibre of Mentors we’ve gathered can cost between $2000-$5000. Since we want to make professional development opportunities available to anyone, we have significantly reduced the price of the program just to cover the cost of running it, so you will effectively be paying less than 1/10th of the normal price. Over the years, the Mentoring Program, participants have reported an average 75% improvement in their skills and provided our program with an average rating of 4.75/5 Net Promoter Score (NPS). ​ If, after two sessions of the program, we are reasonably able to conclude that you have not received value from this program, we will provide you your money back.​

How can I increase my chances of having a successful application?

We are looking for mentees who are motivated and dedicated towards improving themselves, learning from others and working towards their goals. So please take your time and present a quality application for our team’s review.​ If you like to see examples of quality applications, please view two of them below.

Apply for the Program

 We are thrilled to see your sincere interest in developing your professional skills. Our program offers a unique opportunity to connect with experienced professionals who are passionate about helping you succeed.

Before  you begin​

Expected time to complete: 15-25 mins​

Linked below are 2 hypothetical examples of the quality of mentoring program applications we’re looking for. Please take the time to clearly articulate your goals and challenges. This will help us place you in a group with like-minded peers and ensure your commitment to the program.

Example 1 - Stakeholder Management

Example 2 - Leadership Essentials

We Need Your Support Today!

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